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Industrial representation
Your bridge to good suppliers
The industrial representation sector of the V-Group is focusing it’s activities on the automotive and component manufacturing industry. With our worldwide customer network consisting of internationally leading T1 and T2 suppliers as well as OEM manufacturers, we have established ourselves as a central point for contact for our international clients.

We combine the Know-How and the competence of our partner organizations for the maximum benefit of our clients.

The V-Group takes care of your sales in all parts of the serial production in a flexible, innovative and punctual way in the following industries:

 Automotive and Automotive Supplier Industry
 Electronic Industry and Power tools
 Machine construction
 Home Appliances
 Medical technology
 Entertainment electronics and communication
 Wheels and Roller Industry
 Locks and Metal Fittings

Address Europe:
V-Group GmbH
Schwerzistrasse 20

8807 Freienbach
Phone: +41 55 450 50 51

Mobile: +41 79 800 24 64
Address China:
V-Group Ltd.
Suite 502, Reeco Building
255 Wu Bao Road
201101 Shanghai